Dustin Ailport


Dustin Ailport, the owner of Choice Properties, started the company in 2016 as a way to provide small businesses with choice real estate at an affordable cost. As a small business owner himself, Ailport understands the immense cost that goes into owning a business, so he wanted to provide real estate options across a wide variety of industries to small business owners in a way that was efficient, convenient, and cost-accessible.

Mr. Ailport said that he takes “pride in providing opportunities for small businesses and being able to help other people. It’s a people industry and if we all work together, we can all be successful.”

Choice Properties is just one of the businesses that Ailport presides over. He is an entrepreneur with many different interests. In his free time, he serves on a variety of different boards, including the Town of Glenrock Planning and Zoning Board, the Converse County Planning and Zoning Board, the Glenrock Rec Center Board, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming Board of Directors.

Mr. Ailport is married, with two daughters. He and his wife, Lexie, enjoy camping with their daughters, Riley and Brynley. Ailport also enjoys hunting and playing golf. Above all, he strives to be a faithful follower of Christ and a dedicated husband and father.