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We’re The Right Choice.

We exist to provide business and commercial real estate to clients across a wide array of industries. Choice Properties is a small business itself, so we understand all that goes into owning and operating one. We know that constant exposure is key, and we also know that every dollar counts. Our goal is to give people a place from which to run their business, at an affordable cost. We’re here to help small businesses find their place, giving them a safe space to offer their own services to the community.


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We specialize in business and commercial real estate, and our goal is to find properties that offer everything our clients need. We search for properties that have good visibility, and are secure, sturdy, and ready to be moved into. We serve a variety of clients across many different industries, including oil and gas, mining, energy, utilities, and more. We know how hard it is to find affordable properties within those industries, so that’s what we provide: secure properties at a great rate.

Currently, we have properties in Boulder Wyoming, Douglas Wyoming, Glenrock Wyoming, and Fort Lupton, Colorado.

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